Real Estate   : The Firm extends support and legal guidance from property identification stage until obtaining various approvals for execution of projects. Our Firm regularly:
•Advises Promoters in Acquiring land, development, construction, long-term and project financing transactions;
•Advises Buyers, owners, joint venture partners on local laws in real estate, in negotiating and structuring financing commitments and in reviewing and negotiating real estate-backed loan documents.
•Conducts due diligence on title, tracing the title flow of properties, conducting Encumbrance & ROC searches, identifying issues and suggesting solutions, Liaisoning with Revenue Officials and updating of records, structuring and drafting all types of conveyances like Sale Deeds, Gift Deeds, Agreements of Sale and General Powers of Attorney, Development Agreements, Collaboration, investment and other agreements.
•Coordinates with statutory bodies, Registrars, and other revenue and statutory authorities to effectuate record updates, obtaining Occupancy Rights Certificates, among others.
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