Litigation/ADR   :The partners have extensive litigation experience and have handled a wide variety of original and appellate litigation in the Civil Courts and High Courts, under Negotiable Instruments Act, Specific Performance Act, and Indian Contract Act among others.
• The partners of the firm have represented in cross border litigation arising out of international joint venture agreements, outsourcing agreements, business deals and on matters relating to compliance of directors, shareholder disputes, among others.
• The partners are advisors to various corporations and advise clients in employment, service conditions, disciplinary & termination proceedings.
• The partners handle litigation on real estate matters relating to enforcement of agreements of sale, specific performance, protection of property from apprehended encroachments and in litigation relating to ownership and title of properties.
• The Firm’s counsel handle arbitrations in complex commercial matters in industry verticals like technology, infrastructure, outsourcing, civil and commercial disputes and help in strategizing the right approach to ensure effective relief to clients.
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