Employment/Service Law   :The Firm is currently advising a number of multinational companies including several companies in the IT/ITES sector, on employment and service related issues. It has also been representing clients before various courts and tribunals, ranging from basic domestic enquiries to cases before the Supreme Court of India. The Firm is extensively involved in advising and drafting of employment agreements, employee handbook, consultancy agreements, service bonds, deputation agreements, grievance settlement procedures, policies to prevent sexual harassment, leave policies, rules & regulations, certification of standing orders, and memoranda of settlement with trade unions, amongst others. The Firm has also successfully conducted numerous human resource audits, which generally focus on issues pertaining to compliance with all necessary employment statutes’ requirements under the Union law; compliance with the rules of employment (if any) under laws made by the State concerned in which the premises/factory of employer is situated[1]; compliances with respect to outsourced staff (e.g. contract labour) and the legal consequences involved; analysis of complaints pertaining to sexual harassment, if any; analysis of the possible liabilities of the company in case of any employee related dispute. The Firm has further assisted clients on issues such as relating to severance / termination, resignations/abandonment of job, lay offs, closure and transfer of undertakings, domestic enquiries, gratuity, provident fund, employees’ state insurance, amongst others. The Firm has a dedicated team of lawyers who specialize in issues related to employment and have been assisting clients on issues ranging from compliances, retrenchment/ termination, closure and transfer of undertaking, social security and provident fund related issues etc. The advisory experience of the Firm includes advising several domestic and international clients on issues relating to the secondment and employment of expatriates.
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